Why should your company employ an apprentice?

There are many reasons to consider hiring an apprentice.

Some of the key benefits are detailed below.


Apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to add to your workforce

An apprentice should be paid in line with your company’s pay scale for the position.

Whilst there is a national minimum wage for an apprentice, it is unlikely that you will secure a committed, motivated member of staff if you do not commit to them. 

Employers can also apply for Government funding, grants and incentives to support them with recruiting and training apprentices.

A training provider will support you to navigate the apprenticeship landscape. 

Apprentices can be shaped to meet business needs

A notable benefit to hiring an apprentice is that they can be tailored to support your business where you most need it. You can train them with job specific skills that suit their development and meet your needs.

For existing members of staff, you can progress them in their role, create exciting career paths and motivate your workforce to make a difference.

Apprentices can inject your team with fresh ideas and enthusiasm

Apprentices are eager to develop the skills and knowledge to succeed. Whether they are an existing employee looking to progress further or a new member of the team, they will provide a new perspective to your team, with fresh ideas, new skills and knowledge, acquired from their training.

Apprentices become long-term employees

When you invest in apprentices, whether they are existing employees or new members of staff, you are making an investment in their future. During their apprenticeship they develop skills and knowledge relevant to your organisation under your guidance. The result is a loyal member of staff who understands your business and the role they play in its success. This explains why the majority of employers go on to invest further in their apprentices and secure their commitment for the future.

Why should your company employ an apprentice?

Apprenticeship facts and figures

Apprenticeship Facts and Figures

87% of employers say they plan to continue hiring apprentices in the future

86% of employers say apprenticeships have helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation

78% of employers say apprenticeships helped them improve productivity

74% of employers said apprenticeships helped them to improve the quality of their product or service

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