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Mar 7, 2024 | Apprenticeships, Ladder News, News

The Apprenticeship Ladder for Coventry & Warwickshire is a partnership between training providers and employers to support individuals to access high-quality apprenticeships to develop valuable skills and rewarding careers. Working together, we are improving skills and employment opportunities across Coventry and Warwickshire to enable the economy to thrive and be a great place to live and work.

We’ve chosen to visit WGTA located in Leamington Spa, renowned for its expertise in providing apprenticeships within the Motor Vehicle sector, to speak to Raj to find out more about what WGTA offers and how applicants can apply.                                                                      

Meet Raj Chibbra, Training Director

“I have over 35 years’ experience at WGTA.  My role involves all aspects of Management and I have an excellent team to support me. I am also responsible for supporting learners and employers from recruitment and throughout the training programme to achievement and progression.

I am the designated Safeguarding Officer and my skills include Pastoral Support, Counselling and Information Advice & Guidance.

I have a passion for the development of young people and meeting employer needs.  Through continued professional development, I have acquired a range of qualifications to help me provide a bespoke service to all that I work with.”

What does WGTA do?

“WGTA is an Independent Training Provider established in 1969, delivering apprenticeships in the Motor Vehicle Industry. We work closely with local employers to help meet their needs. Some of whom are founder members since WGTA’s inception, and a few are on the Governance Board as Directors.”

What apprenticeships does WGTA offer?

“We offer Level 3 Apprenticeship Standards in Light and Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Vehicle Paint Refinishing and MET (Mechanical, Electrical and Trim). “

What are the entry requirements to do an apprenticeship at WGTA?

“You will need GCSE Maths and English Grade 4 and above or equivalent qualifications. However, we deliver functional skills at Level 2 if required, Design and Technology GCSE or equivalent is desirable but not essential. A keen interest in cars and a career in the industry is important. We carry out our initial assessment tests for all applicants.”

How long do apprenticeships last?

“On average, the duration of the Apprenticeship Standards for Level 3 is 3 years. This is depending on any prior learning or experience.”  Level 3 achievement is recognised as fully skilled status as a Motor Vehicle Technician.

Can you share information about the facilities and resources available for training?

“We support applicants and employers through the recruitment process. Our long-established working relations with Employers enables us to offer a variety of opportunities with SME’s, Main Dealers & levy-paying Companies. Off-the-job training is delivered at our Training Centre in Leamington Spa on a day release basis. We have a dedicated team to support both Employers and our Apprentices, not only through career progression, but also with personal development and wellbeing.”

How can anyone apply for an apprenticeship at WGTA?

“Anyone interested in a Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship can apply through the website: There is a link to complete the online Training Application form or alternatively any enquiries can be emailed to: or by telephone: 01926 428490.”

Warwickshire Garage & Transport Group Training Association Limited

44 Holly Walk, Leamington Spa, CV32 4HY

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