An Insight Into Associate Project Management – Gary Leese’s Story

May 28, 2024 | Apprenticeships, Ladder News, News

Gary Leese is currently undergoing his Level 4 Associate Project Management Apprenticeship Qualification with Heart of England Training. Gary works at Staffline, the UK’s leading provider of flexible, temporary, and permanent workforce solutions. By working hand in hand with their clients as an integrated business partner, Staffline also resource, recruit, and mobilise large-scale workforces.

Gary told us that the reason he decided to take on an apprenticeship was because he initially wanted to formalise what he already did. He also wanted to add value to his role for new incoming clients, as well as telling us the positive factors that come with the Associate Project Management role.

The Associate Project Management Level 4 Qualification

An apprenticeship in Associate Project Management is recognised by a board of management professions. The standards are set by employers including the Rolls Royce, Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Mail and more.

Associate project managers work in all sectors such as…

  • Government
  • Retail, food and drink
  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Charities
  • Research

They contribute to the delivery of a project by identifying, scheduling, and monitoring, as well as ensuring its scope and benefits are achieved. Associate project managers will monitor the project objectives and milestones to continue to enable businesses to meet their goals.

Learner Feedback

Gary continued  on to tell us what he was enjoying most about his apprenticeship.

“I enjoyed having a new challenge and returning to learning a number of years after completing formal education. I have learnt various new skills and enjoyed exploring the wider subject.”

Gary said that despite an apprenticeship being a good opportunity to further your career, you must prepare for the level of commitment and work that is required. But none the less, he continued to tell us the endless good points of achieving an apprenticeship.

To finish off , Gary left some lovely words of advice for anybody that is looking to do an apprenticeship. He said this…

“I would recommend an apprenticeship with HOET. It is an enjoyable experience where I have gained a lot of new knowledge.”

Want to take the next steps?

Is your business looking for an apprentice? Contact us to find out more or take a look at our Apprenticeship Information for Employers.

We also offer a wide variety of courses for Businesses across a broad range of sectors.


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