An insight in to a Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship with Heart of England Training

Jan 19, 2024 | Apprenticeships, Ladder News, News

Matthew O’Neill began his apprenticeship with Heart of England Training in August this year and he is due to complete his apprenticeship in August of next year. We wanted to speak to Matthew to see how he is finding his apprenticeship and discuss the outcomes and benefits that he has received whilst studying here with us.

The Team Leader / Supervisor Level 3 Apprenticeship

Team Leaders and Supervisors are members of the first line management layer, who are responsible for team operations, projects, and deliverables. The role involves providing direction, instruction, and guidance to ensure that asset objective is achieved.

No matter what sector you work in (whether it is the private, public or third sector), or what size of organisation you work in, the knowledge, skills, and behaviours you need are the same.

Key tasks you may undertake as a Team Leader or Supervisor:

  • Provide support.
  • Lead and develop a team.
  • Project management
  • Plan and monitor workloads and resources.
  • Implementing operational plans
  • Resolving problems and building relationships both internally and externally.

Job titles may include Supervisor, Team Leader, Project Officer, Shift Supervisor, Shift Manager and Foreperson.

Learner Feedback

Matthew told us about his overall experience on the course and how he found the training that he received from Heart of England Training.

“By choosing an apprenticeship in general, it has allowed me to continuously learn and work in my own desired job. An apprenticeship allows for flexibility, giving me time to other goals alongside it, benefitting me as I develop through the course.”

When asked how his training has been, Matthew responded with “The training is consistent. Within my course there are 5 day-courses throughout the span of 1 calendar year, setting assessments at each which help to grow and teach principles of management and leadership. The resources that are provided are more than adequate and my educator ensures that all work that I may need for an assessment is set.”

Matthew also had some lovely words to say about his educator Jinny Slade “She is exceptional, we have frequent meetings, with one being every 3 weeks, having general catchups and talks about work. Jinny is supportive and makes me feel comfortable and welcome by HOET.”

We wanted to see if Matthew felt that his apprenticeship was beneficial to his role, and he said this.

“The apprenticeship goes hand in hand with my role, working at Heathrow airport. Luckily, the apprenticeship course was a joint idea between me and the company I work for, further enhancing room for promotion and growth within my company.”

How can an apprenticeship help you grow within your job role?

As a direct result of his apprenticeship Matthew mentioned that, “I have already been completing some team leader training within my company, and soon, hope to be a team leader, showing clear correlation between my apprenticeship and my role within my company. “

Matthew then went on to discuss what advice he would give to someone thinking of doing an apprenticeship.

“Choose what would make you happier. I think that a person can do anything as long as they enjoy doing it. I solely believe that there is no point in doing something if you do not enjoy it, because being able to have fun whilst working will make you fall in love with your role, ultimately making you a much better worker.”

Lastly, we asked Matthew whether he would recommend Heart of England Training as an apprenticeship provider and this is what he has to say “Certainly. Although I have not been with HOET for a great deal of time, I can already see the benefits of it as an Apprenticeship course and learning institution, with amazing staff, helpful courses, and flexibility to work.” Matthew added, “My course has pushed me further in my work, being very beneficial for my journey within my company, and I’m sure it will help others reach their goals too, with specified courses that can apply to almost anyone, I don’t see a reason to not choose a course with HOET.”

Want to take the next step?

Is your business looking for an apprentice? Contact us to find out more or take a look at our Apprenticeship Information for Employers.

We offer a variety of other courses – not just for businesses, schools and salons too across a broad range of sectors.

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